Jaase RUBY RED and PISTACHIO collections Style House Fashion

Jaase RUBY RED and PISTACHIO collections

Monday means Jaase New Arrivals!

We love love love Mondays here at Style House Fashion boutique in sunny Gladstone Queensland! Monday means a fresh new week, but also means new Jaase!

This week we welcome RUBY RED & PISTACHIO collections. Jaase clothing's newest drops that are the perfect colours and styles for welcoming Spring! 

The Jaase RUBY RED collection is available in SIX stunning styles meaning there is something that everyone will fall in love with!

  • Hurley Maxi Dress
  • Huntley Maxi Dress (plus sizes available)
  • Berry Maxi Dress
  • Faith Mini Dress (plus sizes available)
  • Vela Skirt
  • Lorne Blouse/ Top

Ruby Red features a beautiful intricate print made up of mostly red, cream and pink with a beautiful lilac throughout. 

The Jaase PISTACHIO COLLECTION is available in two beautiful styles

  • Lyric Mini Dress
  • Montie Maxi Dress (plus sizes available)

Jaase Pistachio is a gorgeous detailed print with a mix of greens, a splash of yellow and cream throughout. Both styles have the most beautiful floaty sleeves which we know how beautiful bohemian babes absolutely love! 

Team both of these collections with our Kompenaro Spring/ Summer genuine leather range! 

We hope you love these elegant Jaase collections as much as we do! 

With love, Bec xx

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