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Crafted with passion and precision, each garment embodies timeless elegance and chic sophistication. Our dedication to providing Australian customers with clothing they'll cherish for years ensures that every piece exudes quality and style. From luxurious fabrics to impeccable craftsmanship, our collection is designed to elevate your wardrobe and leave you feeling confident and utterly beautiful every time you wear it.

No matter your size, shape, or age, Style House Fashion offers a curated selection of boho clothing that celebrates individuality and embraces the essence of modern femininity. Whether you're looking for a flowing maxi dress, a cosy sweater, or statement accessories, we have something for every occasion.

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About Our Gladstone Dress Shops

Every piece of clothing comes from a place of passion, as we want to give customers in Australia garments they will adore and want hold on to for a long time. We are a dress shop in Gladstone that strives to go above and beyond in regards to our customers experience, something every woman wants from her clothing boutique of choice. After putting on their purchased garments for the first time, our customers will feel confident and utterly beautiful time and time again.

No matter your size, shape or age, Style House Fashion will have something for you that'll make you love stepping out to show off your boho clothing.

Our eclectic range of elegant clothing suits a variety of style preferences and lifestyles. You will find radiant kimonosvintage-style t-shirts, divine maximini and midi dresses, denim jeans, denim skirts, quality leather bags, wallets, shoes and so much more. We are also an exclusive stockist of the beautiful JAASE clothing label, an extremely popular boho style brand in Australia. We have all their weekly newest arrivals for devoted followers and first-timers who are desperately seeking a style they love. In-store JAASE clothing undergoes a quality control check and every individual item is steam ironed to ensure that Style House Fashion sells you clothes in the very best condition everytime.  

Why choose us (Your Style, Your Statement: The Irresistible Allure of Style House Fashion)

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Why choose us (Your Style, Your Statement: The Irresistible Allure of Style House Fashion)