Full Set - Sister & Babe Make-up Brushes

  • $299.00



These brushes are made using mix of synthetic and ethically sourced cruelty-free fibres. All brushes sport a double clamped copper ferrule. The handle is made from ethically sourced bamboo.

This is a 14 piece set which includes the breathable (and washable!) drawstring bag which is great for everyday brush storage and travel. The set also comes with brush guards (please keep these!), they are fantastic to use when traveling and help keep your brush bristles safe.

The bristles are a natural white for a reason! This being...it gives you a very clear indication of how much product your brushes are holding when about to begin applying. This design also provides a very good indication on when your brushes require to be cleaned. 


How often do I clean my brushes?
Providing you are the only one that uses your brushes, a clean at the end of each week or 10 day mark will suffice. Please apply a liberal amount of logic and if you are suffering with an acne problem, dermatitis, psoriasis etc then you clean more frequently!

What should I use to clean my brushes?
We love using Sard Wondersoap which can be found in the laundry aisle in your local supermarket. It cleans and removes stains. For those that experience skin conditions and you feel like you require an antibacterial wash, pHisohex is a great product and available from your local supermarket or chemist.

How do I clean my brushes?
Follow this link to our instructional tutorial! (Coming soon!)

Is bristle fall out normal?
To a degree he’s it is. Especially when the brushes are brand new, you will experience some bristles fall away. The brushes are so densely packed that it is only normal to see a few bristles fall away. If you experience clumps of bristles falling away then please contact us so we can assess the situation!