Foundation Set - Sister & Babe Make-up Brushes

  • $120.00



  • Made from synthetic fibres
  • The ferrule is copper
  • The handle is made from ethically sourced bamboo
  • It is a soft yet very dense brush
  • Oh, and it stands up! Clever thing.


The KABUKI 001 is a soft yet very dense brush. Press your brush into your powder and ensure the bristles have been adequately coated. Buff and polish the complexion in small circular motions to evenly distribute the powder for a perfected complexion. Repeat until desired level of coverage is reached. Oh, and it stands up! Clever thing.

The BUFFER BRUSH 012 has dense fibres that enable seamless blending.  It is perfectly and evenly weighted.  This brush is suitable for liquid, cream or powder products - oh the versatility!  Press your brush into the product and in a dabbing motion ensure the product is evenly distributed amongst the tips of the bristles. Using a stippling effect, press the brush onto the skin. Start on the cheeks and work around the face, down and along the sides of the neck, over the ears and close into the hairline.

The POWDER BRUSH 013 sports soft bristles ensuring your powder taps on without disturbing your foundation.  Its dome shape helps in placing your powder and then sweeping the excess away. Simply swirl your brush in your loose or pressed powder product and lightly sweep, tap or press over the areas you wish to apply powder to....voila!

This set includes brushes 001, 012 & 013 only.

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